I am personally sick of how magazines like "Seventeen and many others discourage kids to be themselves and places your value on how you look, whether or not you have a boyfriend, or if you listen to the "right" kind of music. Its not even like they try to accept a variety of looks or tastes in music. Instead they are trying to create people that are the same and that can't think for themselves. Oooo...now I can finally buy a magazine that gives me diets...you too can look an anorexic if you follow the diet, articles such as "how to get a boyfriend", "new trends rated"...I think most of us can figure out what we like or don't like without some magazine's help...if I wanted to be like everyone else I wouldn't dress the way I dress, listen to the music I like, or do anything that interests me because it isn't "normal"...but then again who's to say what normal is...maybe I'm normal and everyone else isn't. I don't have anyhting personal against MOST of the people that read these magazines (its your choice)...but don't you think you could stop worrying about your makeup or whether you actually have the trendiest clothes and actually buy or do something that interests you...not because its the newest trend...or someone else might not think its cool???

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