Right now you are probably all wondering who Jesse Camp is and what the big deal is...so heres a few quick facts.

Full name: Josiah "Jesse" Lee Camp

Age: 18 (I know this...I heard Jess himself say it once...and lets face it most of us are closer to 18 anywayz.)

Looks: Tall (6'4"), thin (like 90 pounds),the most gorgeous blue eyes, and dark brown hair thats impossible to describe, but ya know what I mean.

When did Jesse become a vj: on Saturday 4/18/98 Before he got the job he was living with a friend of his sister)...anyone else jeolous of the girl???

From: Originally from somewhere in CA, then moved to Granby Connecticut, then lived in NYC for 4 monthes, temparaly lived on the Jersey Shore, now living in NYC.

You can catch Jesse: He's not on the air anymore :( ...at least not with his own show...he's on but I don't know when, I remember seeing him do Total Request (3:00) with Carson and he was talking to all of the street kids.

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