Straight from Jesse's Mouth

"This is like the best thing that ever happened to me. I got like 20 girls numbers in the past 2 days...ok maybe not 20 . I guess I'm exaggerating a little."

It's like they think I'm from another planet I'm this tall skinny kid with freaky hair."

It beats sweeping streets or being president."

"Its all about musceles if you don't got them you aren't gettin nothin."

"Hey man people are going apes for David bananas."

"I got Camp you know and I met a girl named Summer and if we got married her name would be Summer Camp."

"I'm really happy to be here walkin and talkin 'bout rock and roll."

"Yeah chef Jesse thats right I've given up rock n' roll and now I'm in the cooking business and nobody cooks a meaner clamsauce than we heres at the seashell cafe (imitating people from Jersey), oh man I can't keep this voice going forever."

"I gotta tell ya man, ya know what don't take things for granted man I don't even know. Yo, yo I just gotta to say man you gotta be careful what you do. I don't even know what my final though is because I'm scared my head, I don't know just be good, be good don't get in trouble, really just don't gget in, in...trouble. Are we over?"

"ah come on Pete don't get bent out of shape your sandwhich is on the way. And speaking of sandwhiches man you know we're makin a big hogie right? And the way I figure it you got your guitar thanks to me, but you need a little, little, little salami in there too and when it comes to slamin salami and serves it up cold no one does it better than my bro Bob."

"Before I discovered what gel can do for your hair, I didn't know how to get my hair spiked, so every time before I go on a date I'd always go to the rollar coaster park right? I'd ride the coaster a few times and I'd get my hair straight up for the whole night."

"...Where we serve up rock n' roll service with a smile wide enough to skin the tail of a...really big crocodile."

"I used to have this Uncle Sammy and he used to eat and he would have like these sandwhiches because he owns his own sandwhich shop and he'd make these sandwhiches that be like that big, you know what I'm saying. And he'd tell woman yo touch my sandwhich and prance around"

"...and whenever you want to come down to earth with us, we'd love you so much."

"Oh man, its me in heaven and just eatin' and mistreatn' our bodies and having a good time."

Qwote from Carson Daly- "Is it possible to have a crush on a cartoon character??? I'm not asking for myself, I'm asking for a friend."-talking about one of my favorite shows...Daria.

"I heard there's a ghost here at the pier." One of the guys from Fuel says "and we'll see him." Jesse-"actually I hope not, cause he's an ugly motherfucker.

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