Daily news about Jess

6/8/98- I know this isn't directly related to Jesse but Pete's back on...my second favorite guy (I don't love him but he's cool). Anywayz today Jesse was wearing a kilt over his jeans and trying to play th bagpipe. I can't decide whether him surfing, trying to do karate or this is the funniest!!

6/9/98- Ok first off...I know this isn't Jesse related but I now kinda love Pete (well at least like him a lot), he's soooo cute, even though he hardly ever speaks. Ok time to get back to earth and back to the news today Jesse and Pete (do ya think maybe now that Jesse's got a girlfriend I can have Pete???), but I still love ya Jesse...ok as I was saying Pete and Jesse had owed someone money so they tried to play miniture golf and lost really badly...it was really funny...but isn't it always funny when Jesse tries a new sport or something???

6/10/98- Ok people...I don't really like Pete that much anymore...now that I got that off my mind here's the news...today Jesse went to the gym it kinda reminds me of most of us who just really don't want to be in gym class. I wonder what new sport Jesse will try tomorro???

6/11/98- Today Jesse was hanging out with that bagpipe guy again...hmm maybe Jesse will take up the bagpipes. He was also cohosting the I wanna Be a Spice Girl contest with Carson...that just proves that most of us will watch anything just to see Jesse.

6/12/98- "Well me and Pete, we were trying to scam ourselves a free lunch. But not everyone was willing to help us out" But Jesse and Pete still scored free desert from the woman that was on Jesse's show sometime before.

6/16/98- Well for those of you who got confused yesterday like me Jesse is now on at 12:30 with reruns at 3:00 in the morning. Today Jesse was hanging out with one of his old friends and they asked him to be the best man in their wedding.

6/17/98- Today Jesse was hanging out with an Elvis impersonater. Anywayz tommorro is a holiday I made up last month, its 2 monthes since Jesse got a job...and this means tommorro no one can tell us to shut up about Jesse, and just spend the day watching Jesse at 12:30!!!

6/18/98- Today Jesse and Pete were singing and hanging out at the Jersey shore...TODAY IS ALSO THE HOLIDAY I MADE UP...2 MONTHES SINCE JESSE STARTED WORKING AT MTV.

6/19/98- Today Jesse and Pete were singing with four guys that used to have their own band (sorry...I don't know who)

6/22/98-Today Jesse was hanging out with a firebreather, but he didn't actually try it himself.

6/24/98-Jess was hanging out with a bunch a bikers, he even became a human jump and a member of their group.

6/26/98- Well yesterday I missed Jesse because of my dumb job..."Oh little mama, we got some advice for you. We your love doctors. We gonna do what we gonna do. Givin awesome advice, oh baby sugar and spice."

6/27/98- Today Jesse and Pete were hanging out at the race track.

6/29/98- Today Jesse is hanging out at the radio station performing, taking phone calls and doing impersonations. Anywayz I am going on vacation for a week starting tommorro...I'm going to miss hearing Jesse's voice and seeing his face sooooo much (I know that sounds really dumb...)

7/7/98- I found a article about Jesse in "Teen People", he's not on the cover but oh well...at least him and Pete are going to have a cd out soon...featuring my favorite band Marilyn Manson!!!!

7/8/98- Jesse was working in the big hair salon, and they tried to give someone Jesse's hair, but Jesse's looks much better.

7/9/98- Jesse and some guy tried to hypnotize people.

7/10/98- Today Jesse was at the summer share giving tours... I wish I was there.

7/13/98- Jesse was hanging out with the band The Love Pumps ans they did a song with Jess.

7/14/98-Jesse was withn Dee Snider of a band "FORMERLY" know as Twisted Sister.

7/15/98- Jesse is at the ozzfest.

7/16/98-Jessew is hanging out with the band Limp Bizkit.

7/17/98-Jesse hangs out with Limp Bizkit again and the band performs a song. Tommoro (sat) is 4 monthes since Jesse got a job.

8/13/98- I know I haven't been here forever, I don't have much news but will try to do at least a weekly update from now on!! Jesse was on what I believe was his first magazine cover..."Spin" and there's a long article about him. Jesse is also planning to put out a cd in the fall I don't know the date that it will come out as of now.

8/14/98- Jesse was hanging out with Soulfly.

8/17/98-8/18/98- Jesse was with Monstermagnet. Tuesday was also 5 monthes since Jesse got a job.

8/19/98-8/20/98- Jesse is hanging out with Fuel. Tommorro (thursday) at 3 there is a show on about Marilyn Manson...someone watch it for me...I'll be in my car driving to Vermont and won't be able to watch. Their new cd "Mecanical Animals" is due out on 9/15/98 or something like that, but I'm pretty sure its then. And Twigy Ramirez did a song with someone on the dead man on campus soundtrack...Marilyn Manson also did a song.

8/21/98-8/27/98- Um these are the missing days from my vacation.

8/28/98- Jesse wasn't on today :(

8/31/98- Jesse was hanging out with a bunch of girls I am extremely jeolous of and we saw "memories" from the summer. This was also Jesse's LAST show...so check out the petition and add your name to it.

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