Question Of The Week

Question Of the Week:

What do you love best about Jesse? The best responses will be posted.

"I like Jesse's personality because he always knows how to put everyone into a good mood and he isn't like everyone else trying to fit in or always worrying about what other people have to say... he's his self and thats all that matters..."-Raelynn

"The thing I love about Jesse is his beautiful mysterious blue eyes, his baby smooth skin, his sensitivity and sweetness towards everyone he meets. I love his clothes. They are so cool. I especially love his scarves he wears and his pants and his little belly shirts. His hair is da bomb."-Tahlia

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Last weeks question was: If you could meet Jesse what would you say (supposing you didin't pass out?

"Oh my god! It's David Cassidy! WOW! I LOVED you on the Partridge Family! oh my god..i am so not David! Your DANNY BONADUCHE!!"-Kim

"I would ask Jesse where he shops for his clothes. I think he has a really unique dressing style that rocks!!!"-Jackie